Monday, 31 July 2017

Making you the best girl you can be - Lesson No16

GROOMING FOR SISSIES - Remote training program for subscribers only.
Are you sitting comfortably trimmed, pert, seamed and nylon clad in an aching amount of pink then you can begin.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT: Sit in a darkened room, stare at the screen and do not look away .... not for an instant, no matter what pops up, stay focused to the end ... and only then may you give yourself a treat! 

WARNING: This may induce high blood pressure, swelling of certain body parts and in some cases a Pink'Gasm.

1 comment:

  1. dopo questo eccitante corso visivo voglio diventare assolutamente una dolce e bella femminuccia tutta grandi voglie saporite!! grazie mio boss baci baci baci