Thursday, 23 June 2016


Here is one we made earlier! 
This was once David who is now Davina and has been rented to a wealthy gentleman in up state New York where he will be his masters Stepford Sissy Doll for his amusement for the next six months.
 Do you like the idea of being transformed so perfectly and instantly into a perfect slut doll?
Then do drop Mr Black a note explain why you think you would make a perfect Stepford Sissy


  1. I love the idea, Davina is so lucky, it would be a dream to have you turn me into a Stepford Sissy Doll Sir. To be trained as you see fit then rented or sold to be someone's play thing, what a wonderful life it would finally be. Thank you and keep the posts coming Sir.

  2. caro mister hugo black voi siete un diavolo...!! di una lussuria!! unica baci baci baci

  3. I many years dream become for livedoll, with full and any changes how oner like.