Monday, 20 June 2016

Dollification - Mr Black introduces the Stepford Sissy process

We have almost perfected Dollification. 
A process where by a sissy is shrink wrapped and heat sealed inside a plastic skin.

Do you fancy this?
We are looking for volunteers and as you can see the results are not too bad!!!!
You  become an ultimate play thing for some lucky daddy, more than a tranny tramp you literally become a fuck slut doll to be used and abused as your new master decides or shares with his friends.
The process currently lasts about six months and then we will peel you out of your plastic cocoon and hose you down
Your physical movements are severely impaired and you will rely on the good will of your master to move you around.While the outer skin completely covers your body and is sealed in place open ended penetrative sheaths are inserted into your orifices to a depth of 6" inches giving you a certain amount of penetrative sensation.
As we said above we are looking for volunteers to try out this new process we have nicknamed the 'Stepford Sissies'
Any takers?????
More details coming soon


  1. Yes please, Sir. I'd love to become a Stepford Sissy Doll.

  2. che bambola...!! meraviglie delle meraviglie...incantevole !! baci baci baci la perfezione femminile !!!

  3. I am all in Sir, please consider me for this new experiment. The results from the pics are awesome, this is wonderful, life changing. I am all yours Sir to transform into the perfect Stepford sissy doll slut.

  4. Sounds interesting im curious.