Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A little sissy action for you tonight

Nothing wrong with some good old fashioned sissification

And so the girls all ways tell me the oldies are always the best.

What would be a good title for this post????

A little bit of Grooming for Sissies that I thing a lot of you will like.
Who would like to be in this pretty little things place????

Sisssy Dollification No 2

So here is another lost sissy bois we have found a home for having sealed him inside a new and complete plastic skin - Oh yes we dressed him as a school girl as a sweetener for the new owner, it seemed to work perfectly.
Would you like to be dollified???? Would you like to know what it is like up close and personal then see the movie below. 

Sissy sealed in a real Sex Doll

So we took one of our eager volunteer sissies and sealed it inside a plastic doll skin and left it in a hotel room for this hungry client, what happens is a bit predictable, but quite enjoyable.

This volunteer was sealed inside this skin tight all invasive and enveloping second skin and was the property of the highest bidder for six months, to do with as they see fit.
Does this sound like something you might be up for?
Then drop Mr Black a line with a few details why you think you would make a good 'Stepford Sissy Sex Doll'

Sunday, 26 June 2016

"please pink me up sir!"

"Please sir I am having pink withdrawal"
"I am desperate for a thorough pinking sir!"
'Pink me, pink me, please sir!"
Well my in box seems to follow a similar theme at the moment, so as you have all bee good gurls let me off load all over all of you and make your pink responses all pert.