Thursday, 25 June 2015

Help with the home work

Japanese is very hard to learn, well it gets me hard. Do you need help with your homework?

Mr Black Introduces Nylon Jane

I am sure the ultimate bad aunty .... Nylon Jane or probably better know to you drooling girlies as Strapon Jane is no stranger to you, she is often found clicking through the dormitories in her razor sharp heals making sure all the gurls are trim and pert.
For those of you newbies here are a few choice moments and an introduction to her style and training methods ..... look on in awe!

Mr Black introduces Tara Emory

This imaginative gurl needs no introduction and is often dropping into BlackLands for a spot of tea with Mr Black, wafting in her own unique blend of exotic'ness.
Do visit her here - Tara Emory
          But treat of treats, she has just shared with me one of her wide screen exploits to share with all of you. Enjoy below - X

And especially for you newbies who are yet to discover the best dressed gurl on the web, a living testament to Mr Black's mantra 'Being the best gurl you can be!' Here are some rare treats from her website.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mr Black introduces Sissy Transamm

Diedra transamm is a owned and collard sissy by dommeofdiedra. With guidance and training from her beautiful Mistress is on her way to becoming the sissy slave of her dreams.