Monday, 30 March 2015

Please PINK me forever!

So who would like to try Mr Black's SHE'PILL Transform your life into a perfect world of pert possibilities and really appreciate how pink your world can be!

Study each images below and if you find any change in your heart rate, any raise in temperature or experience any sensations of pertness or involuntary excitement then the all new SHE'PILL can help you. 
No it will not stop any of these sensations but it will adapt your body to deal with these symptoms in a more natural and agreeable way.

See the bottom of this post to learn more.

If you now find you are suffering any mild forms of the previously mentioned symptoms read on.

The clinical trials are over and all has gone well. I  am now looking for live test subjects to be the first to benefit from this chemical and technological development. 
Could this be you?
Contact Mr Black direct here 

***Please note there may be some side effects with certain individuals. These may include.
- A pronounced and visibly noticeable increase in breast tissue.
- A reduction in length and girth of the penis which can lead to the medical condition known as 'Cherub Cock'
- Pronounce higher voice
- Sensitive nipples
- Diminished facial hair
- Swelling of the facial lips
- Compulsive issues with ones libido