Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Would you have Mr Black as your Batman?

There has always been something innately fay about the Boy Wonder, with his pixie boots, his yellow satin cape, tan stockings and perfect hair - Don't you agree?
      Always in a predicament, bound up for his big strong daddy to come and rescue him and make everything perfect again. Oh I am sure this all sounds perfectly familiar to most of you! So could you see Mr Black gliding towards you in his dark heroic guise with a bulging utility belt full of the most delightfully useful toys.
     I am sure you would all endure being bound for a bit of glory, trussed for pleasure, humiliated for a  kiss. 
     I am sure once the dynamic duo got home Robin became Robina to serve her dark master. 
      In private I am sure Bruce Wayne referred to Dick Grayson as ... Little Dick.


  1. My dear Ashley, thank you for your erudite and charming response. Mr Black's Blog has always been about exploration and observation I am not a puppet here to dance to your desires, I provide a certain music and it is your choice wether you wish to be Mr Black's puppet and wether you wish to dance, there is no harm in sitting out a tune or too to catch your breath. But no one likes the gurl that storms the DJ booth to demand her favourite predictable ballad. I am sure a little ditty will waft its way onto the blog soon enough that is more in tune with you and possibly less 'stupid'

  2. I thought it was fun. I like Robina; mind you s/he could still be called Robin or Robyn. You can always delete troll comments I guess