Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Which avatar would you pick?

I have enough trouble keeping up with my first life let alone having a Second Life. Still it looks like fun.
Click to enlarge each one.


  1. None. While i adore submission, i loathe bondage and consider it silly and counterproductive. To each their own, though.

  2. 2nd life is so fun. I have been in there for 7 years.. if anyone wants to, look me up..
    tonilovesfun resident

    would love to hear from you...

  3. Thank you to the 2 that friended me on 2nd life.. cant wait for more of you and hope that we can all talk soon.. 2nd life is such a fun place to be.. enjoy girls. .and we all love Mr Black

  4. i wish i could be all of them every day of the week!