Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Be Mr Blacks bunny

Do you think you would make a good bunny? Have you got a little white tail that bounces up and down when you get excited? Well do drop Mr Black a line mrhugoblack@yahoo.co.uk

Do you want to be Mr Black's Bunny

As we approach Easter our thoughts turn towards the Easter bunny. Will she bounce into our lives with her floppy ears and her little fluffy white tail.

Do you want to be Mr Blacks Bunny at some point this easter. Well drop him a note:mrhugoblack@yahoo.co.uk

Or better still send him an easter egg

Princess me please

Please make me a princess sir! 
How many of you feel the same?

"Dear Mr Black could you make me into beautiful princess, I am prepared to go to any length! I just know you can do it."