Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Trouble with razor rash

On the subject of getting smooth for a smoothy like Mr Black, I received a note from a lovely couple looking for a few words of wisdom. (see below)

First off we love your blog and we are avid reader.   I am English but now live in NYC.   I am 25 and have a sissy b/f.   We were taken by your latest posting about smooth gurls.   When we have shaved my sissy's private parts she is left with horrid razor burn and bumps.   Not amount of moisterizing helps.  It really looks a mess.

Any guidance?

Thanks - Samantha

Samantha thank you for your words of encouragement and I am glad the pair of you enjoy my little musings.

Razor rash is a bind not only for girls and boys, but also gurlie gurls. Trying to get very sharp things in all those nooks and crannies can leave one fretting, many is the time I have had to step into assist some poor timid little gurl who cannot reach, or is just getting her knickers in a right old twist with her lady shave.

If you are going to shave, always use a fresh razor or one dedicated to that part of the body and that person (do not share), then with a light moisturiser immediately massage it into the new smooth area, this will help.

But what you should try is the hair removal creams or foam, (Nairn in the UK is not bad). Put it on the areas you want to remove hair, leave for 5/10/15 mins (depending on the product and instruction) and then just shower off in luke warm (not hot ) water.  Now apply a good moisturiser and Hey Presto a silky smooth skin that is perfect and ready for the sheerest silky lingerie. Another benefit is the grow back is not so much stubble as soft down. With continued use, you will notice inhibited hair growth and the need to apply or redo becomes less frequent.

WARNING: Now word of warning many of these product include bleach or other ingredients that can irritate and even burn, so test it on a less sensitive area first and be cautious on sensitive areas like gurlie pussy, nipples, etc. Do not leave it on too long, better to do two sessions a day apart if you are a bit of a hairy butch gurl.

Also lots of you gurls like to put a bit of a perfume squirt down there for me and so you should, but beware after using a razor or cream etc, it will sting or even irritate, so again test it on a safer area of your skin first. 

So be smooth, smell divine, and get slinky!

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