Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Adventures of Tranny Boy - 4

The adventure continues - will you be a part of it?

The Adventures of Tranny Boy 3

Casting for the new Tranny Boy!
Send your casting packs to Mr Black with some recent photo's, your statistics and details of any relevant acting experience, and finally a brief sentence on why you feel you could be the new Tranny Boy.  -

The Adventures of Tranny Boy 2

Who fancies being Mr Black's Tranny Boy. 
Mr Black is keen to resurrect this little known pulp classic and bring him to life in a new set of movies. Do you have what it takes to be the new Tranny Boy?

The Adventures of Tranny Boy 1

This little known pulp classic is a firm favourite of Mr Blacks. The daring adventures of a small town boy and his remarkable ability to transform into his secret identity .... a beautiful and sexy girl whose very appearance would strike awe into the hearts of men and desire in to the hearts of women. Join him as he is sucked into the dark underbelly of society, a world filled to the brim with nefarious caricatures all bent on penetrating his disguise.