Monday, 9 December 2013

Making you the best girl you can be.

Nymphet training.

Detention with Mr Black

Some of you gurls are so cheeky, you are on the verge of discipline and detention sessions with Mr Black - Is that what you want?

A little retro heaven

As you know Mr Black is a sucker for an old fashion gurl, with traditional approach to her man. Nothing beats a taught suspender strap, a straight seam, some incidental frills and some pert satin - Don't you agree gurls
Gotta love that Serina!

Sarina just gets better and better

Calling all model Gurls

Mr Black does like a girl that has some model ideals, knows how to turn that heal and turn it on for the camera. After all the casting coach is such a fun place to while away a few hours.

Plucking the Turkey bird

As we approach the festive season give a thought for Turkey and all those lonely little birds who face a future of uncertainty. Not knowing wether they will get plucked, stuffed or eaten! Remember a bird from Turkey need not just be for Christmas.