Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Feeling a little bit stiff today

All this flimsy gurlie chat (see post below this one) just makes me feel  . . . . well a bit engrossed and really somewhat engorged. 
Any suggestions how I should treat this affliction?????

Mr Black does like a bit of Flimsy

And I think you gurls will agree the more flimsy the flimsy! the more gurlie the gurl! - X

Friday, 11 October 2013

Homework - Film studies

While I am in a retro mood it is time for homework!
           Please dress appropriately (Naughty School gurl) and watch each film in turn. Then leave a comment at the bottom saying which one was your favourite and why?

FILM 1 - A Romcom Romance about a man and a women.

FILM 2 - A Gritty Reality documentary about a gurl in servitude as a house maid.
FILM 3 - A gurlie coming of age drama between best friends

FILM 4 - A dark fairytale about honeymoon and rape.
FILM 5 - A Historic art house film from Germany

FILM 6 - A Gurlie romance about good neighbours who find love.

Oh you are such lucky gurls, Mr Black does spoil you so much - Now make your choice and leave your comment below.

Bit of vintage soundtrack

The soundtrack of ambient music is just the best - Only on an old vintage film - What do you think?

Mr Black introduces Li Mei Ling

Well she tells me she is from Malaysia and wants to be a Mr Black introduction. 
Well do pop by and see here on Flickr - Li Mei Ling

A Bachelor through and through!

It is no good girls, much as I am flattered by your requests for marriage, and tempted as I often am. This gentleman is a bachelor. However I am available for honeymoons!

A Complaint from Kitty

So one of you Gurls (we will call here Kitty for now) has complained that perusing the blog has left her feeling somewhat indisposed, rather flushed, slightly uncomfortable and with the sense that she has an itch that she cannot seek too satisfy!

Do you other gurls feel like this?

I am not sure whether to recommend a doctor or Mr Blacks detention?

So gurls by way of a small experiment please take your time to examine the creative moment below and let me know exactly how you feel watching it and whether it had any direct call to action on your part, ie did it inspire you to do anything?