Sunday, 8 September 2013

What does Mr Black look like? Gurlie thoughts on the matter.

In answer to the post below this one 'What does Mr Black look like?' the lovely Lydia has proposed this little moment from a retro French film to illustrate Mr Black. I understand I am the portly balding gentleman (two traits I assure you I am not afflicted with). But as an illustration of a moment in the life it certainly has the right decadent ingredients. So girls what do we think? 
What does Mr Black look like in your fevered moments of moist intent? You can see the rest of the film here -
I love the translation of this - basically it's Charlotte's Knickers
PS - I hasen to add Mr Black does not require his chauffeur to do his handy work for him either.
PPS - I also hasen to say Lydia did say this too - "This is kind of how I imagine you... but maybe a bit more elegant. And maybe younger?"

Meanwhile little Larrie Faerie proposes that I am more like this ... "A romantic dream date. You truly are a sophisticated gentleman who knows how to treat us special ladies and we in return will shower you with our deepest affection." thank you Miss Faerie I am indeed charmed. (Picture provided by Larrie)

The lovely Cheryl LeBlanc has suggested I might be a little more like this (below), although she does add 'I would rather that this picture showed you as more muscular.' - What do we think gurls?


And another little after thought from the delightful Lydia - (Oh flattery will get you everywhere Lydia)
'The mystery that surrounds you, combined to your intelligence, charming manners, your attitude and your apparent leadership skills with gurls like me just make me so wet ... If you ever pass through Switzerland, please let me know...'

Do keep sending me your thoughts on this one gurls -


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