Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What does Mr Black look like? By Kitty Young

The lovely Kitty Young (all blushes and giggles) has been a busy little Kitty and has embraced her homework with a delightful dedication and sense of ardour. Well she seems to know me so well and yet we have never met, she is obviousely insightful and smart.
        She sees yours truly both emotionally as well as physically and has suggest these key words

Non Physical Attributes 
Assertive without being arrogant which is difficult
Controlling but not a megalomanic 
Physical Attributes
Dark-ish hair with small wisps of white at the sides 
Toned body not from work at the gym but rather the rigours of running a country estate / hunting / horse ridding etc.
'A true English gent.'
She also suggested these images to illustrate what we call Mr Hugo Black moments.

Mr Hugo Black moment No 1 - Lord of the manor, Sir 

Mr Hugo Black moment No 2 - Being in Mr Black's arms

Mr Hugo Black moment No 3 - Being taught to be the best gurl I can be
Mr Hugo Black moment No 4 - Wearing the jewel of ownership

Mr Hugo Black moment No 5 - To be your personal handmaiden

Mr Hugo Black moment No 6 - Imagining how naughty you were in your younger days

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