Friday, 6 September 2013

New Gurl on the Block

I do love it when you bright young things open up to me! Well Kitty is just such a kitten and I wanted to share her little adoration to yours truly. 
As she says of me - "If there is a 'man' that totally understands what makes me tick it’s this one. I wonder what he is like?"

He also asked what I would wear on a date with him. Well to be honest it really depends but I am going to assume we are going to the Opera. The location will be London and it will be an autumnal evening so he can give me his coat on the way back to the car. Giggle. 
I know I will be meeting his powerful friends so I want them to lust after me but I don’t want to look like a slut and have the other girls hate me. Being a women is very complex - one must tease and appear available yet be coy and a demure all at the same time.
Starting with my foundation garments I would wear this at least a strapless version of the bra:

Along with those wonderful court shoes.
The dress would be divine something like this.

With a large choker showing my master Mr Black that I am his submissive girl. I would be coy and allow the other women to fuss around me and would be submissive to them and would flirt innocently with their men. I would not leave sirs side until he dismissed me and the other women took me away. But the moment Mr Black looks my way, I would rush over to him like a frightened rabbit.

.........I wonder what he is like?" Indeed.
Kitty I am booking the opera as we speak, or maybe I should take you to an east end wrestling competition to show you off, or maybe I should take you to Torture Garden and be damned! What do you think?
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