Friday, 6 September 2013

It's all about me! What does Mr Black look like?

Mr Black is himself a bit of a retro moment as you gurls might have suspected, a throw back to an elegant age, where visceral delights were always packaged in the most delightful flimsy, and it was a whirlwind of pert satin clad indulgences. 
         I have learnt today there is nothing more fevered and inspired than your own hot little imaginations and so in answer to the many requests you gurlies make for a pin up picture of yours truly (As you know I am really quite dignified and confidential), I have decided that I will send you all scurrying and rummaging around, and get you to send me pictures of how you imagine me!!!!
       Mmmmm ... yes use your furtive and hot little imaginations to project your fantasies and send me a picture as you imagine me.
Oh don't worry I will not be insulted if you send a picture of a chimpanzee, in fact it will make me chortle.
       Consider it your homework for this week, I will be awarding marks for imagination, originality style and flattery with one gurl being made Mr Black's personal monitor.
      So hurry up and don't be afraid to ... as they say ... to ass lick.
    I will publish the entries so we can all have a good giggle together - Now get busy and send them to -

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