Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mr Black does like a posh bird!

You gurls are always accusing me of being fussy. But it is for your own good in the end, after all it is my reputation as much as it is yours and any way you know how cannot resist a gurl that is well turned out ..... you know sort of posh. 

1 comment:

  1. i define "posh" as a most positive erotic "attitude" of engaged aloof superiority. by that i mean a gurl KNOWS she has that power to erotically affect men's own sense of their place in relation to Her. "She" is so sexually powerful and erotically electric that she is by that "superior" . . .and men dissolve and melt in her presence (either in her actual physocal presence or even just by way of photographs) . . even males who "think' they are using her are in truth and reality being used and controlled and manipulated by HER (not always because she wishes to but simnply that her very erotic elegance and class have that inescapable and automatic effect, desired or undesired, willed or not willed, intended or unintended 0 it's just the way it is!) . . i bow and kneel and grovel before any and all "posh" sissies. they may be "sissy slaves" or "sissy sluts" yet they are always "superior" by their very being, essence and nature. posh is sexy . . posh is erotic . . posh is arousing . . posh can be slutty in a most classy way. :) (michael g.b.)