Saturday, 8 June 2013

Diddling and Doodling


  1. SIR . . You can also appropriately title this: "Diddling and Doodling and DROOLING". :) (michael g.b.)

  2. Hugo, awkward moments like this can be avoided by simply knocking before entering.

  3. The expression on her face shows the humiliation & shame she is feeling. So turned on as she anticipates his next move. She is very excited to be alone with him and submits to his advances. Feeling like a real woman ...she wants to be ravished by him . He knows his sissy girl wants him in the worst way. She feels helpless & weak as he takes control ....but this is what she craves. She can almost feel his cock in her Sissy bottom as it`s about to happen.
    Her wife comes home unexpectedly ....the door opens just as her lover is about to take her. In the heat of passion she is caught ....her erection tells how much she wants this. The embarrassment & humiliation of being in that position while dressed as she overwhelming . It is so frustrating for her because it was so close and she was so turned on. Does it end there for her....or is it just beginning now that she has been exposed ?