Thursday, 27 June 2013

Blowing Mr Black's trumpet?

I don't like to blow my own trumpet, I prefer to have it blown for me by someone else, but you gurls must admit when I put my mind to this, I am pretty good at it.


  1. Master Black is a "Master Of Perfection" . . . every sissified male exhibited and displayed on His blog is exquisite and purrrrrfection incarnate. each time i "cum' onto the blog pages i never faail to be-cum excited and addictively erotically aroused and captivated. i be-cum inspired and mor and more and more ever confirmed in my identification with and as a sissified sissy. i owe a debt of gratitude and thankfulness to Master Black for being a presence on the world-wide-web in His blog pages . . . the fine taste of sopgistication, elegance and class He possesses radiates from every photo, every illustration/drawing/and illumens through every word/ sentence, paragraph he writes. any sissy slave would and should be proud and privileged to be considered ias one of His Own sissy proiperties: an exclusive club to be a member of. thank You Master Black, SIR. (micahel g.b.)

  2. I am positively blushing from such an accolade - I value the input from all of you gurls!