Sunday, 30 June 2013

All white on the night!

Black by name but white by nature, as you gurls know Mr Black considers himslf a bit of a white knight in your worlds with his mighty charging steed and his proud jousting abilities.

Ok we are really talking about that moment when every gurl must be the best gurl she can be! That night when she is sheathed in white virginal lace and satin ready to give herself up completely to the whims and incorrigible wishes of brutish desire and probing consummation.

Are you ready for that moment girls? Do you desire brutish consummation?


  1. wow! a cornucopia kaleidoscope of images of the most amazingly sexy newly wed brides that make me dissolve and melt into small tiny puddles . . .i envy each and every one of the above girls . . they are delectable and desireable and any man would crawl for the privilege to be with any one of them or with ALL of them! . . .(my favorite pic is the fourth on from the last: the bride sucking her man's cock! i can alsmost taste that!). (michael g.b.)

  2. mmmmm Hugo, I simply adore the lacy white peignoir - puurrrrfect for my boudoir.....