Sunday, 30 June 2013

"Sir please be my groom and groom me"

Oh Mr Black I am so shy, please sir!!! ... tell me what will be expected of me on that special night. 
Well my little gurls I am sure you will not disappoint me - but just to ease you into the frame of mind, here are a couple of romantic films that will help you understand how to be the best gurl you can be.

All white on the night!

Black by name but white by nature, as you gurls know Mr Black considers himslf a bit of a white knight in your worlds with his mighty charging steed and his proud jousting abilities.

Ok we are really talking about that moment when every gurl must be the best gurl she can be! That night when she is sheathed in white virginal lace and satin ready to give herself up completely to the whims and incorrigible wishes of brutish desire and probing consummation.

Are you ready for that moment girls? Do you desire brutish consummation?

Diddling and doodling with Mr Black

You gurls do love it when I get my pencil out and we discover there is still plenty of lead left in it! Then we can all have a good diddling and doodling session. What should we doodle next gurls?

Playing in the morning

I hear you gurls like to have a little something to play with in the mornings??? So here is a little something you might like to play with.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mr Black does like a posh bird!

You gurls are always accusing me of being fussy. But it is for your own good in the end, after all it is my reputation as much as it is yours and any way you know how cannot resist a gurl that is well turned out ..... you know sort of posh. 

Blowing Mr Black's trumpet?

I don't like to blow my own trumpet, I prefer to have it blown for me by someone else, but you gurls must admit when I put my mind to this, I am pretty good at it.

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be!

I know you gurls think I am an old fashioned sort of chap, but I think you all agree, you cannot better a good old nostalgic styled moment!

Diddling and doodling

Mr Black sometimes just cannot help himself and he has to have a good doodling session. Enjoy!