Thursday, 30 May 2013

Turns man into girl

Kay's first mood board

Congratulations to Kay! who has just completed her first homework assignment. A dream mood board of commitment. Do leave her a positive message in the comments below - we all like a bit of positive affirmation, don't we gurls!

New Pink Estrogen

It is just what every gurl needs is New Pink Estrogen! Just one cup a day will wash away those sissy blues and turn your whole world a lovely rosy shade of pink!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Can you imagine

Oooh Gurls, can you imagine what this must feel like!!!!!
As his head just teases into you .... you gasp and then his whole shaft suddenly slips home pushing you into a moment of complete womanhood and fulfilment ........

Daddy's little Sissy

This daddy thing with you gurls? As Mr Black gets a little older and a tiny bit of grey creeps into his temples you gurls just seem to go all  lustful for it. You cannot call me Daddy OK - It is Mr Black! or Sir!

Being the best gurl you can be

Has Mr Black wetted your appetite - well then try this little film of a gurl being the best gurl she can be.

All tied up

Do you know gurls Mr Black he can easily while away a good few hours with some old rope, a bit of gaffer tape and a naughty girl - Time flys by.