Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Being the best gurl you can be

Gurls is it not time for you to really FEEL what it is like to be the best gurl you can be.

Being the best gurl you can be

You know all that effort over all those years will be worth it when he sits you in his lap and says 'Go on be the best gurl you can be for me'

Being the best gurl you can be

You know it is all worth it when he pushes you down on the bed and shows you exactly what it FEELS like to be the best gurl you can be!

Who can resist?

Come on now gurls you now resistance is futile! Who would like to slip into Mr Blacks pants and which ones would you choose?

Homework for Mr Black

I know I am always complaining how you gurls have me running around in circles. Well now I think you should do some for me.

Use the little treasured moment below to fill in your own words.

Oh yes and do send it back to me and I will publish the best ones.


A little me time for you

A little present for all you young girls. Now slip into your finest satin and seamed flimsy and run through each of these in turn imagining it that it is you. But you must hold out until the very end.













Friday, 26 April 2013

Touching Mr Black

I really do not know what to say, but I am deeply heart felt by the following email I received from a reader.

Mr. Black . . .

i only recently discovered Your most exquisite and captivating web-site/blog dedicated to the training of gurls . . .

i instantly fell under its spell (Your spell) as i read page after page and studied photo after photo of the most intoXXXicatingly feminized sissy gurls . . .  all of my life from earliest on i saw myself as a sissified gurl but only contained the thoughts within the confines of my fantasies, imaginings, and dreams (and unrealized hopes) . . .  i never encountered the evolving reality and realization that there were and existed so many who shared the same dreams but who found they could actualize and realize their dreams and live them for real . . .  (sadly i came too late to the party and so regrets tinge the scintillating allure i vicariously seeing Your web-pages and the myriad numbers of gurls who have found You, Sir, and so found their doorway from dreamsville into real sissy life) . . .

and still i am exceedingly happy and grateful and thankful to You that You exist and are a blessed presence in our world and accessible and encountered on and via the world-wide-web and Your magical mystical web-site/blog . . .  reading Your blog and seeing the illustrations of enviable gurls displayed and exhibited on Your pages allows one (me) to share and participate in the thrill and excitement these gurls must experience and enjoy being the best gurls they can be . . .  as i look back on my own life and wish i had been as blessed and fortunate as these are now . . .i am jealous of each of them and envy every one of them while also am indebted to each and every single one of these gurls and all of them together (and You also Sir) for bringing my own past dreams and desires out from the past and into the present with so much more finesse and feminine mystique than i could have imagined back in my younger days . . . You and Your gurls have created a true art and artistry which surpasses all other female pretensions at sexiness and beauty and allure . . . sophistication . . . elegance . . . style . . . and class . . . and irresistible sexual electricity all at play . . .  and Your and they weave them together to form a tapestry that is magical and undeniably deliriously deliciously delectably delightful. :)

thank You Mr. Black for taking the time to read my words and thoughts . . . it is an honor and a privilege just to have encountered Your blog and even more so to be able to write and send my comments and thoughts to You via Your e-mail . . . 

Thank you dear reader. Through all the tantrums and squeals, the cat fights and laddered stockings, the tortured souls and tearful gurls, it suddenly all seems worth while.