Sunday, 17 March 2013

Slip into something slinky ....

.... with Mr Black. Do drop me a little note if you are feeling a little intrigued.


  1. I just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I'm a closeted sissy in Canada, and love to fantasize about being transformed into a gorgeous gurl by a stern, yet understanding master. I can't help but get excited reading your words and looking at pictures of who I wish I could be. Thank you.
    Sissy Danielle
    I tried to email this to you, but it came back to me :(

  2. Like omg Mr Black, the things You do to me. As I sit here thinking how much my life as well as my thoughts are or have changed over the course of maybe 8 months really. I've been on female hormones most of my life, as well as believe I just wanted to blend into female society. Still do. But lately with the help of a friend, Kircedes, as well as heather and yes even You Mr Black.

    I am being drawn towards sissies, as well as wanting to be a good girl and I use to have issues with it, trying to figure it out in my mind. But what You and other's have done to my little clitty and my mind are so incredible, I can't imagine why it bothered me so.

    My regular girlfriends don't understand my thought processes lately. Which bothers me in some respect. But maybe they haven't felt the things I have felt lately