Sunday, 17 March 2013

Peter's first dress

Do you remember yours? 
The brush of that satin as it slid up your legs, the way it nipped in your waist, gave you little firm breasts, but best of all the way it took your breath away when you looked in that mirror and saw a pretty young gurl looking back at you and ..... Oh how you wished their was a handsome man there to witness it and share it with you in the most naughty and saucy way your fevered and rampant imagination could imagine.

Do tell Mr Black -


  1. sooo sweet, sooo femmy, sooo prefect
    you'll have so many men after you, you sweet sweet honey baby
    anna xx

  2. That's so delightful! I love the feeling that Peter is feeling in these pics: giddy, slightly breathless; knowing you look pretty! Melody

  3. I so love You Mr black/ thankYou, for just being You

  4. his first dress is a special moment in a guys life

    cute dress and the urge to lift

  5. Oh, I love the skirt and the gurl wearing it. It would make a lovely CanCan skirt. Too bad Sissy Peter didn't do a "Royal Flash", flipping the skirt up in back to show her bottom.