Sunday, 17 March 2013

Knickers to you Mr Black

A bit of nostalgia here - who remembers this little moment of dedication? And hey gurls where are my dedications, I have not had one recently. Have I gone of the boil?
Send your dedications to -


  1. Like omg Mr Black, You have no idea what this picture or this outfit does to me. I don't know why it does the things it does, but at same token I don't care anymore. From the colors to the outfit as a whole. Hard to even write upon thinking of it, as I shake profusely in anticipation, my clitty tingles in delight meant yet shivers run thru my ever enlightened body and mind. One can't help but care what I think or others even as my awe and amazement. I don't know whether to cry or bow down to obediance and pleasure . ThankYou, thankYou rhankYou . I so love everything about it. My little cummies even dampen my panties

  2. Glad everyone had a good time/ My Turn

  3. I am like so screwed mr black. My addictions grow so much faster than before. Was hoping you might be able to help in slowing it or them down a bit/