Tuesday, 26 March 2013

'I do!'

Despite the chill in the air it is that time again when gurlies start to think about oodles of white satin and lace, bold men and a very special moment when they feel complete. Yes wedding fever is starting to spread. I cannot wait to hear what you all want to say to me on this subject.

Appalling error of judgement!!!!

Gurls!!! - I was at a private view last night and a sweet pretty young gurl sidled up to yours truly in a provocative and suggestive manner, you know all "come hither my Lord" when I noticed she had the audacity to approach me wearing TIGHTS!!!!
Apart from the gross insult to me and all I stand for - what does one say to such a misguided fool!
Gurls please advise.

"I do so like it when you slip me some pink Mr Black!"

Feeling blue in March? then let Mr Black brighten your day with some perfect perky, passionate, pink! 
Now you too can get involved with Mr Black's very own pink bits too - SEE BELOW

Gurls! I have decided that I must share more of myself with you and so have decided to invite you to send me your favourite bit of pink and I will compile and curate a new entry with all of your pink contributions in it. So search out your favourite pink pics or why not shoot some pink inspiration especially for this opportunity and send it to me - mrhugoblack@yahoo.co.uk

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Peter's first dress

Do you remember yours? 
The brush of that satin as it slid up your legs, the way it nipped in your waist, gave you little firm breasts, but best of all the way it took your breath away when you looked in that mirror and saw a pretty young gurl looking back at you and ..... Oh how you wished their was a handsome man there to witness it and share it with you in the most naughty and saucy way your fevered and rampant imagination could imagine.

Do tell Mr Black - mrhugoblack@yahoo.co.uk

Slip into something slinky ....

.... with Mr Black. Do drop me a little note if you are feeling a little intrigued. mrhugoblack@yahoo.co.uk

ASS-uming the position

Many of you ask if they should curtsy when they meet me. Well the protocol is ASS-uming the position for inspection and ease of checking that you are presenting yourself appropriately. Knickers are clean and not torrid, seams are straight, legs are lithe and trim, dress has the correct amount of flouncy, pussy is smooth and perfumed, etc. Then on command you may rise, turn and ... yes .... then curtsy.

Lets get bookish with Mr Black ....

... more adventures in the library.

Mr Black Introduces Miss Alison Taylor

And an absolute delight she was too. Stylish, elegant and very very slinky!
Do drop by and say hi to here - Alison Taylor

Time for another bedtime story .....

..... so slip into something slinky and slink up here onto Mr Blacks lap. Now where shall I begin?

At home with Mr Black

Another nostalgic little moment.

Sit on my knee .....

.... little gurl and I will tell you a story.
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Knickers to you Mr Black

A bit of nostalgia here - who remembers this little moment of dedication? And hey gurls where are my dedications, I have not had one recently. Have I gone of the boil?
Send your dedications to - mrhugoblack@yahoo.com

Can I tuck you up in bed and read you a story?

Mr Black does like his little bedtime rituals as you can imagine. Mmmm and I bet there is absolutely nothing wrong with your imaginations when you start to think about yours truly Mr Black.

Do tell me! - mrhugoblack@yahoo.com

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

A bit of Mr Blacks pink bits

I do know how you gurls like a bit of pink and I am sure you will all agree it has been a long time since you have had some from me! So here is a little bit of Mr Blacks pink bits to keep you going.