Thursday, 3 January 2013

It will be all white on the night

Spring is in the air and as you girls feel the tender sap of spring rising in your hot little bodies, your thoughts start to turn to those intimate moments and the perfect where wear. Well just keep thinking white! it is pure and bright just like you I am sure and will lead you naturally into that desire for the ultimate white act, that moment you are in a ball of white lace and satin of a wedding dress on all fours feeling like a complete gurl in honeymoon bliss.


  1. You just convinced me so much that need to invest in a set of lovely white lingerie, I normally buy pink, lavender, red and black but this set is so lovely.. xx jenni

  2. Adorable!
    Yes, I may need to upgrade this year now, too! :)

  3. beautiful manclits on these hotties!!