Thursday, 31 January 2013

Who wants a little petticoat punishment?

1/ Well start with the Naughty Charlie Doll, cut out and dress up Charlie as you would like to be dressed up.

2/ Join a Gurlie-fication class

3/ Get yourself a stern auntie.

Mr Black recommends Frederique - Petticoat Punishment and transformation of a teenage boy

Written by Don Brennus Alera in the 1930's 'Fred' and then the subsequent novels 'Frederique' are cult books that until now have only been accessible to readers of French, Frederique offers a delightful look at attitudes toward cross-dressing during he 1930s. Fred de Montignac is taken to live with his aunt, the Baroness Saint-Genest, an imperious woman who insists that the young man adopt women's clothing and assume the persona of a lovely little girl. 
Best of all gurlies you can now buy it at Amazon and selected book stores or get them as downloads from Carol Jeans remarkable library of naughtiness.

Below extract from book one FRED is a classic story of the Petticoat Punishment and transformation of a teenage boy.
“Here is your room,” said the sous-maitresse finally while guiding him into a nicely-decorated little room in which Fred noticed immediately a mirrored armoire, a dressing-table adorned with numerous bottles and other knickknacks, little lace doilies under the lamps, and pastel ribbons tied into bows attached to the frames of the mirrors.
         It seemed to him he had entered a young girl’s room, and this impression was reinforced when he saw a dress, petticoats, and delicate lingerie displayed here and there on the chairs. At first he thought Frau Anna had made a mistake, knowing that a male student would surely leave this room the moment they gave it to him.
     The sharp voice of the sous-maitresse disabused him of this notion.
     “Here are the clothes you are going to wear, Monsieur Frédéric. Remove yours and put them on.”
      “I have to dress as a girl?” asked the young boy with a sudden uneasiness that made his voice crack.
     “I will help you. It isn’t difficult; you’ll learn how quickly.”
     “As a girl! . . . !” repeated the child in a gloomy tone, his face lowered to the floor, so absorbed that he wasn’t paying attention to the her words.
      In a louder voice she told him again, crossing her arms, “Let’s go, enough of the dramatics! You are well aware that one wears a uniform at boarding school; well then, here the uniform for boys is the costume of a girl. Doesn’t that make sense? Now obey and be quick about it!”
     Frédéric again raised an objection, “But I don’t want to be dressed as a girl all day!”
     “Oh, but yes, all day and every day!”
      “I don’t want to! I --“
     “What are you talking about?” snapped Anna severely. “Mistress has already told you all about it. You know very well that here you are going to be raised with girls and as a girl.”
      Frédéric’s face reddened terribly; a stifled sob lifted his chest, and he hiccoughed out a few choked words, “Oh! . . . No! . . . Not that . . . I am a boy . . . and I don’t want to . . . wear --”
     “I will dress you by force, if you don’t want to obey me.”

Below extract from the second volume of FRED, a classic story of the Petticoat Punishment and transformation of a teenage boy.
Purely by accident, she had witnessed Fred, dressed for the first time as a girl, being punished for something or another, and this had aroused her secret, darker side; everything seemed crystal clear and the scene had been a revelation to her. It had suddenly dawned on her that she had found a way of achieving her dream; her tantalized mind and her vivid imagination had conjured up the outline of a plan which was disappointed by Fred's admission to Sainte-Brigitte.
      But now, it was as if no time had elapsed; Fred was in her power, at her mercy; he had no other relatives to whom he could turn; as it was, he already belonged to her and it would not be long before he became her creature. She had him in the palm of her hand. She had laid the foundations of a daring enterprise nurtured over a long period of time and which she undertook with the resolution to carry it through to the end. She saw nothing quixotic about her concept whose outcome would be the transformation of this young boy into a female slave.
      Her plan was two-fold: Fred had to be made effeminate and enslaved. Feminizing him was Léontine’s first priority. It was the more urgent since the transformation had to be implemented before his age made it more difficult to install the artificial tastes to develop them and to make them second nature; the slavery would follow, imperceptible, and concomitant to taking up new habits, so that one day, it would be virtually achieved and little would be needed to make it complete, absolute and final. Only then would Fred be a thing of the past, and superseded by Frédérique; he would no longer be a boisterous boy, but a composed young lady; the docile and deferential nephew would become a submissive slave complete with the clothes, bearing, gestures, language, tastes, thoughts and even the soul of a girl.

Below xtract from the third volume of FRED
This was the first time he was involved in a group of this nature, so he felt a peculiar confusion. All in all he had only been living either surrounded by la baronne de Saint-Genest or la Comtesse d’Esseg; he had hardly approached any other woman except his two mistresses. He found it very natural to serve, even kneel before Léontine or Myrtile whose slave he regarded himself. But being displayed to all of this assembly, having to teeter between of all of these women who examined him frankly or stealthy, who sent him their hair perfumes or their armpits odor by flapping their fans, and to serve all them, one after another, as he had served his two mistresses, this new thing filled him with a kind of confusion he couldn’t define. Besides he didn’t try to analyze it, as he was intoxicated by all that surrounded him, his mind was getting lost in the idea that he had become a woman, as all those who were there considered him to be one.
       His feminization, however much it had progressed, wasn’t complete enough. It didn’t prevent him from realizing that it was thanks to a trick that he could deceive all these people. And everybody there had been well fooled; there was however a woman who considered him with a fixed gaze; it was kind of some sexual instinct that told her that she was fooling herself, but she didn’t understand and kept on cluck-clucking with her neighbor and receiving the attentiveness of some gallant standing next to her.

Below Extract from book four of FRED

The numerous mirrors reflected a picture of him that harmonized with this setting, with the Extreme meticulousness of the laces, the radiance of the crystals and the perfumes of the flowers. For a moment he forgot his surroundings and caught himself reflected in a swing mirror leaning toward him, he took a few moments to smile at his own reflection, to correct a fold of his dress, to twist an uncurled buckle, to lengthen the arm before him to admire the reflections of an opal that changed with every movement of his finger.
      “It is very true,” he said in an almost high voice, “I have become a woman . . .”
      He went on, running his hand over the contour of his hips and breasts, “A lot of girls would envy these hips and this chest.”
      He pinched his dress between two fingers, lifted the hem in order to display the arch of his foot, turned it to make the curve of his calf appear in the mirror.
     “Woman's legs!” he said. “I am obliged to agree that with these high ankle boot and these excessively high heels I have truly have extremely feminine legs.”
      He thought about his arms; he raised them above his head, and crossed his hands behind his neck to appreciate the shape of his elbow.
      “It had changed shape,” he thought; “the tight long gloves that I have worn so long molded them, rounded the bulges and thinned the wrist.”
      Then he brought his face close to the mirror to examine it more carefully, in detail and in all conscience. He noted the fine skin, woman's skin that depilation had given to him, the long abundant and silken hair, embellish by skilful curls and by the harmonious twist of the hair bun.
     “That is not to say,” He thought again, “That I can be seen closely, and everybody would be deceived.”

Extract from book five of FRED
The teenager knew by experience that la comtesse's projects and those of the Director were always achieved, that was why he was overtaken by a sudden anxiety. He understood that he had been mistaken when he believed he was finished with the humiliations which these two women had planned for him; their current conversation gave him new and sad perspectives; all his past shames would be nothing in comparison with those that would be inflicted on him in the future.
      He felt deeply offended and horribly worried. He thought of the exhibitions which he was to perform as the most insulting curiosities!
      Although he had wanted to avoid thinking about it, he could not stop himself from imagining in advance the torment to which he was going to be submitted when it would be necessary to display himself stark naked to the most mischievous curiosities and to allow them to know the secret of his metamorphosis and his submission to the capricious and haughty creatures who, not satisfied to have taken his liberty, had taken his gender and had made it impossible for him to live any life other than the one chosen, settled and organized by them!
      And he stood there, immobile and totally naked in the middle of this curious circle, having lost the satisfied feeling that he had when they were complimenting him; he felt subsided, prostrate and ashamed. His shoulders slumped; his chin fell to his chest; he was the living picture of shame and despair.

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Gosh 1 million!!!!

OK Mr Black is astonished at how many of you naughty little girls are paying attention to him!!!!


Humbled and thank you girls.


I think I may have become an Institution.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sissy out takes

Just another day at the BlackLand's Academy breaking in the sissy bois. Do you like his little peachy camisole and french knickers?

Some more novel sissy time

 You loved the last two so much, I have released a couple more for you. Do let me know what you think.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A novel way of spending some sissy time

Rekindel your Kindle with some of Mr Hugo Black's purple prose. When it is pure Black it knocks Grey into the shades 50 times over.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

It will be all white on the night

Spring is in the air and as you girls feel the tender sap of spring rising in your hot little bodies, your thoughts start to turn to those intimate moments and the perfect where wear. Well just keep thinking white! it is pure and bright just like you I am sure and will lead you naturally into that desire for the ultimate white act, that moment you are in a ball of white lace and satin of a wedding dress on all fours feeling like a complete gurl in honeymoon bliss.