Thursday, 29 November 2012

A little bit of pink

You gurls just don't seem to get enough pink! do you?
OK then here is a little ration for this month.


  1. Well, let's try this again. Use to never be a fan of pink. But since I became addicted to hypno's, as well as flash hypnosis, I find or have noticed that they have changed me a bit. Not sure if it's for the better or not. But, I also notice how agitated, upset and what a bitch I become without them. And a bitch in a bad way. Lol.
    I use to be a TS, as well as on hormones most of adult life. If there's such a thing as normal TS. Anyways; that's like my breasts. I'm a full B-cup flowing into a C. But I have these strong desires for something bigger, like a Dd. funny right, as well as have looked into facial fem

  2. Page2/continuation
    Feminization surgery on the face. As well as back to hypno's, I find it odd, how addicted I am to those things. It's absolutely crazy really. But, I do notice how much happier I am or content, if one will. That's like my love for sissies or effeminate men. I use to be just content on living fulltime in female role. As well as have been with guys before. But, have strong urges to be with cock more now, as well as dress in more slut driven outfits. As well as looking for Mistresses more. Anyway love your blog, as it comes recommended from Kircedes.

  3. Like omg, I so love and adore Pink. ThankYou Mr Black.

    It does so many many wonderful things to my mind and body. What a truly amazing color. First off, it makes my clitty just tingle and grow a bit in excitement, yet compels me to want to be a goodgirl at the same time.

    Me being on hormones, is hard to believe in itself. But one can't help but know the excitement or desires.

    I use to think it was a trigger word to hypno's, but after awhile, I quit trying to analyze it and just learned to enjoy it's beauty, as well as elegance as well as what it does to me personally. That's like the purple and black that I do love, but pink truly starts me off/

    Omg, I really needed this Mr black. I have such a terrible time with delegating my phone today, as it just kills me in some respect to loose my pictures, for which I cherish or even Kircedes or MissKC, not sure if You know of Her.

    She's like in my dreams most nights. I quit trying to figure that one out as well, as I think I like Her in my head:)