Monday, 24 September 2012

In Paris with Stephanie

Paris was my port of call last week so dropped by for a quick drink with Stephanie. She is such a sweet gurl but one drink and she is all over the place so thought it best to see her home. Good job too as she just seemed to keep falling over and flashing her knickers at not only me but all the passers by. still got her home without incident, where she continued to flash her lacy bits at me, mmmmm .... now I remember there was a bit of an incident then!!

Felicia - The Fashion Victim

Well as she tells me she is just such a gurlie fashion victim - "Oh Mr Black I love all the feminine and sexy stuff. Sometimes I think If I could, I would like to be a lesbian Girl."Well Mr Black hopes she acheivies this simple little request and if we can help we will.
Do click here to visit her and give her lots of encouragement for the wonderful work she is doing and the Oh so sexy pictures. We love you Felicia

Going shopping with Felicia is a sexy joy! - x


Judging by the quality of the delightful dedications so many of you are sending me, it just goes to prove that with a little encouragement from Mr Black so many of you are proving that you really can 'be the best gurl you can be' - x
Please do keep sending in your glorious self portraits and Mr Black will continue to make you one of his stars.

Catching up with Nicole

Nicole popped round for tea the other day, mainly to be cheeky and a tease I think. She has grown in confidence since she left BlackLands.

Dolly for Daddy

7 Day Program

Now who can spare Mr Black just one week of their life. At BlackLands we can do so much for you in just one week.

Where has all the Black gone?

"Oh sir we do miss your dark ways" Well my pretty little gurls, as you know Mr Black is a bit of a busy bunnie. hoping here, poping there and while I would like to give each and every one of you a little more dedicated time, you will have to settle for me reaching out and touching you in that oh so special way that I do through my blog entries.

So just for you here is a little black moment for you all to reach out and think of me.