Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Complete Sissy Adventures

"Now't as queer as folk"  Yes the truth is often stranger than fiction.

Mr Black introduces Lisa Johanna

The charming young Lisa literally bumped into Mr Black the other night at a rather hot and steamy event and impressed him with her grace and charm, and oh yes that very tight black latex dress she was wearing might of had something to do with it too.
Do go and say hi to her on her Flicker pages - Lisa's Flicker
Or catch up on her latest adventures on her Blog - Lisa's Blog

Monday, 6 August 2012

Mr Black Introduces - Acidtoe

Acidtoe (click) - Well a unique name ineed, but what she lacks in feminine monica she makes up for with cool gurlie style. I style we can now all share.


The lovely Alyson Taylor (click) has wandered into the dark world of Mr Hugo Black and I feel I should not keep her all to myself but share here with you all too.

Issue 5 - Grooming for Sissies

A bumper issue with Miss Jones opening her knicker draw to you all with her top tips on dressing to please. It has been a celestial month with so many TWINK-ling little stars sending in photographic dedications to Mr Black that we thought we should share some of their stardust with you. Lots more including The Intern, which you can see some of this sizzling story in the previous entry below. Now being Mr Black's Intern that's a thought that will perk you all up  - What would you do to be considered for this role? send your Gurlie CV, photo and a cover note introducing yourself and the duties you would like to undertake should you be lucky enough to be considered for this role to the Attention of Miss Tabitha Jones, Internship - mrhugoblack@yahoo.co.uk
(I am sure you all know to click on the images to enlarge them) 

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Retro Saturday

Steepd in Nostalgia is your delightful curator and host Mr Black, Oh he is a sucker for a gurl in sheer nylons and a satin waspie in the most perfect Irvin Klaw style. God knows where he gets it from while he may be mature he is not old and certainly was not there when Klaw was defining the look of sex for the next 70 years.

Miss Jones is so hot!

Well the dear gurl is on a role and her response to Mr Black's recent article on 'Coming to a sticky end!' is a delight to read. 'Where do I read it I hear you say?' Well on our joint blog you silly frilly things 'BLACK AND TABBY' CLICK ON THE LINK TO VISIT

The World of Prissy Sissy

A cultural phenomina is one way of describing the world of Prissy!  

What started as a few cartoons from the fevored imagination of Prissy has grown exponentially into a Sissy industry. Prissy's world as she defined it through her distinctive cartoons is littered with a litany of fay skinny young nephews, husbands and sons who fall prey to a collection of dominating evil auntie females who obviously never had the daughters of their own that they so craved. The submissive boys started out protesting meekly at their feminisation, but soon this world got into it's stride. Prissy obviously found her own confidence and this hesitancy was left behind as the distinctive scenarios now reveled in a world of one act frames of total submission. It is this styleisation that has made Prissy a household name in the Sissy world and while the women all have an archetypal stern auntie appearance the sissies have a style that is a confection of Edwardian dolly meets Barbie as penned by a warped Enid Blyton. I often expect a cartoon to feature caricatures of George and Susan.
Below are a few of my favourites from her profuse pastel filled moaning portfolio, which you can experience at the Prissy's Sissy website (click link to visit) where as they say you can enjoy 'Girlie Thrills in Feminine Frills'

OK Mr Black is not as you gurls know a fool and obviously sissies in puff ball explosions of satin and lace have been around for years, but I do suggest that Prissy is the crystallisation of this zeitgeist, which would explain her success with the range of Prissy dresses now available at Birch Place and the Sissy Store directly inspired and in collaboration with Prissy (see below).

The Sissy Store know produces the famous prissy cuff/ankle straps too!

And an array of Prissy merchandise is available from mugs and mouse mats to T-shirts and G-strings, one of you gurls did send me a Prissy apron for Christmas which I have not worn but have seen Miss Jones tottering around in on occasion when she is making me a little sandwich.

Art imitates life or does life imitate art?

Well what ever the role of art, Prissy has inspired a generation of fay young things and no doubt provided the motivation for many a fevered moment of wanton abandon. So I think I should leave the last word to her.