Monday, 2 July 2012

A little bedtime story - Pretty Simon

Simon had been sent to stay with his aunt Doreen for a few months during the summer, a determined and abrupt women that seemed to spend all of her time at work. This suited Peter as he had discovered his aunt Doreen had a penchant for expensive clothes and fine shoes with wardrobes packed full of executive power outfits and elegant flimsy dresses. Having been brought up in a house with three older sisters and a diet of perpetual Sex in the City reruns it was no surprise that he had developed a secret and guilty pleasure of coveting his sisters frocks and lacy underwear.
During the long absences of his aunt he had started to sneak into her dressing room and at first just gaze, then he started to caress and now for the first time in his life he had spent the most indulgent and wonderful day of his life he had donned one of her wigs, some make up, slipped his naked smooth little body in to some exquisite expensive lace lingerie, rolled on some sheer hold up stockings and found a pair of dainty court shoes that like cinderella's seemed to fit like a glove. Then over the next few hours dress after silky dress had slipped down over his slender and surprisingly feminine frame and hugged and sculpted him into a succession of beautiful young gurls.

The day like the silk slipped had slipped away and just as he was indulging himself with a skin tight silk jersey evening gown he was suddenly dragged back to reality by the worst sound he ever wanted to hear.  Lost in the fevor of the moment he had not realised his Aunt had found him and in full rage demanded to know what the hell he thought he was doing.

'How dare you wretched little boy ... what do you think you are doing ...... What do you think you look like! and with that slapped him hard across the cheek.

'Get this dress off now ... oh my god you are wearing my pants and stockings too... you look like a slut .... and what is this in my pants, thats hardly a penis is it ... its more like a little worm! .. limp and a little bit slymy' The tears rolled down Simons burning cheeks as he felt totally ridiculled.

"Well if you are going to behave like a petchulant child you will be traeted like one .... bend over ... and I will beat some sense into you ...  move those pants out of the way, I want to make sure you feel every bit of this ..... !!!!!!!!'
' Well now what is this ..... !!!!!!!! .... this little pert bit here ..... its not a naughty boy after all .... its a slutty little gurl!!!!! ...... and I have just found her slightly moist randy little pussy ..... mmmm lets slip a finger in and see if she moans!"

' Oooh this is tight ... I think the little bitch slut is a virgin .... lets streatch it with another finger or two ....... mmmm some spit should make this a bit easier ..... STOP WRIGGLING!'

'Dont move! .... I have just the thing for a little white sissy slut virgin like you .... and I think it will be a fitting punishment too'

'Ever seen a black cock Sissy gurl!'

'Ever tasted a black cock Sissy gurl!'

'Ever felt a black cock Sissy gurl!'

'COME ON NOW STOP SQUEALING! ... This is what your little fanny was made for ..... and it was made for all of it ....' (push)

Simon wriggled his hips to break free from the sharp pain, but try as he might his aunt had a vice like grip and she grasped his hips and rode the black phalus in to the hilt. 
Then slowley as if savoring it she pulled back and pushed in again ...  and now with a little more urgency again .... and again .... and again ... and now it did not hurt any more, but the pain became replaced by a new sensation ... a deep throb ... and a sense of wanton need .... he pushed back just as the phalus rode deep and as if it suddenly hit something, found its deepest mark, it nudged into some sort of  trigger and waves of convulsion pumped through his body and he felt like he was going to faint. He moaned. He fell forward and the spasms pumped out of him soiling the fine lace panties.

His aunt sat back on the sofa and caressed the phalus, little beads of sweat showed across here brow and her cheeks were flushed 'Mmm my black beauty, well thats sorted the little tramp's cherry out, but I think she may have enjoyed it ... we will have to find something far more vexing'.

Part two soon

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