Saturday, 28 July 2012


My very good friend Mr Fidelenrich, 'that oh so talented artist' from Barcelona, has just sent through a little personal sketch of Mr Black and Miss Jones in the office together, just a typical staff disciplinary meeting as usual. The likeness is uncanny!
         Well please do all go and see his work, apart from being stunningly drawn his work is 'Oh, tan caliente' and I know you will not be disappointed.
Do click on his name above to visit his sketch book blog

Grooming issue 3 - Lubianca

Here is a treat in case you missed issue 3 of Grooming for Sissies. Miss Lubianca Romanoff become POSH GURL No15 and the centrefold for this issue when she agreed to show Mr Black what being the best gurl she could be meant in Russian. Needless to say Mr Black wiped out his happy snapper and captured the moment for posterity.

Friday, 20 July 2012

A little gurlie film treat

A little bit of BLACK (July)

'Oh Mr Black we gurls do like it when you give us a little bit of black' - Well here you are and a jolly big thank you to all the gurls that sent in their little (often) private moments to share with all of us. Indeed apparently it is quite an accolade to make it onto Mr Black's page three list! Well so Miss Jones tells me.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Grooming for Sissies No1

Did you catch this issue No1 - A seminal moment in making you be the best gurl you can be!

Movie - A little retro sissy maid moment

Gurls isn't this just a rite of passage for every sissy gurl. The notorious maid moment when you submit to a masterful man in your most subservient manner while resplendent in a traditional maids outfit - Now who would say 'NO' to that - or more to the point who would like to say 'YES' to that????

Movie Homage to Betty Page

One of my favorite bits of cinema gurls so do make sure your seams are straight, you are suitably clad while you enjoy a little bit of escapism with this homage to the great Miss Page

Movie - Oldie but Goldie

Monday, 9 July 2012

Grooming pin up (July)

 a little July treat for all you gurls. Miss Sigtigma who is rapidly becoming a star. (see more of here here - MISS SIGTIGMA )