Wednesday, 22 February 2012

TRAINING CLASS: Dressing the part

Mr Black does have a problem with those naughty gurls that put all that effort into their convictions, only to adopt a style that can be best described as Bet Lynch. Becoming a pastiche of themselves almost like pantomime dames. Mr Black is quite happy with a bit of slutty styling and partial to the odd French maid even, but please do not go down the 'slapper road'
For those that lack the cultural reference here is Miss Bet Lynch
To that end many of you have asked for classes in dress etiquette and style. So to that end I have decided to publish a few 'Aid Memoires', pages torn from the Black Book that you can down load and keep to gaze at in those moments where you lack inspiration or when you think 'Mmmmm now what sort of a little treat do I deserve' You can now wip out your own little 'Black Book' of inspiration. 
So here are your first pages put together and modelled by some of the final semester gurls at my BlackLands Acadamy for the creation and training of young Nymphets ( I do think they have done a marvellous job and are turning out just delightful, don't you agree?).

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  1. I was wondering in picture HB-8, where could you purchase the corset-leotard. That is incredibly sexy.