Friday, 17 February 2012

Peter's Perils

A little bit of creative licence between Mr Black and Mr Von Gotha (Thanks Erich you are a gentleman and artist). Do let me know what you think gurls


  1. i love this comic! i saw it several years ago, but never knew who published it. thank you so much Mr Black!!


  2. Oh the sweet and illicit pleasure of a sissy in a gloryhole! I love the anonymity, the pure erotic power of having your body impaled forcefully on long hard erections! a swooning heaven! thank you Mr Black you are so kind to us girls!

  3. i loved it. i first discovered Glory Holes here in Denver about 9 years ago and quickly became addicted, going a few times a month. i've never dressed at one, but think that's what i must do now, hopefully tommorrow. i did dress at a theater 2 times and got this kind of warm welcoming.

  4. This is really fabulous Mr.Hugo. Enjoyed a lot by reading this :) thank you Like to like her.