Wednesday, 22 February 2012

More films please Mr Black

Well lets see what we have in the viewing room  

TRAINING CLASS: All white on the night

Now rember gurls it does not to be black or pink, covered in bows, intricate, etc! It can be just simple and white! Like this!
It is getting near that time of the year when a young gurl starts to feel the estrogene rise and the little spring like buds of femininity will start to protrude and strain within the white satin and lace bodices of bridal dreams. Oh the very idea of you gurls chaste and moistening with the joy of that big day makes Mr Black protrude!!!

Am I becoming a Nancy Bois?

What are the signs Mr Black? 
Am I slidding towards being a Nancy Bois? 
And if I continue will I become a Sissy Gurl?
Well have a look below at this little filmic moment and if you find it in the slightest bit curiouse then yes you probably are on that slippery slope. But do not worry it is perfectly OK, enjoy the journey and embrace the idea of the goal! to graduate as a full Nymphet.

TRAINING CLASS: Dressing the part

Oh all right if you must do the Bet Lynch look at least do it with a modicum of elegance. Leopard print should not be layered willy nilly gurls! Layer it with black and it will transform you into that rock'n'roll groupie chic nymphet that waits in the dark corners of the night for those bad boys and their rockin ways.


For those that lack the cultural reference here is Miss Bet Lynch

Please! She is not a gurlie role model, stop dressing like her.

TRAINING CLASS: Hugo is in the detail

It is so easy to scrimp or ignore those little details like the perfect shoe, that hint of lace, clean hair, kissable lips. But these are what will make you convincing. 
       Kitty has long since left the hallowed halls of BlackLands and now resides in splendour in Mumbai, a secret star of quite a few Bollywood extravaganzas now. She was the queen of detail and these treasured old snaps of her on graduation day are still the pinnacle so many of the young Nymphets strive for.

Have you a dressing conundrum? Ask Mr Black -

TRAINING CLASS: Dressing the part 2

A couple more pages for your own 'Little Black Book' modelled by the wonderful Samantha who has come on so far since she first came to BlackLands as one of the few 'FreshGurls' intake of Autumn 2010 and looked like this. Here she is in here FreshGurl Silks on day one just after the burning of here luggage and just before she takes her oath of commitment.
Now look how she has blossomed

And let us not ignor young Billie who has shed all those big bois bones to acheive really rather a desirable deportment.

If you have any style conudrums, dressing desires or stepping out worries that are perplexing you, do drop Mr Black and the gurls a note and we will see if we can help -

TRAINING CLASS: Dressing the part

Mr Black does have a problem with those naughty gurls that put all that effort into their convictions, only to adopt a style that can be best described as Bet Lynch. Becoming a pastiche of themselves almost like pantomime dames. Mr Black is quite happy with a bit of slutty styling and partial to the odd French maid even, but please do not go down the 'slapper road'
For those that lack the cultural reference here is Miss Bet Lynch
To that end many of you have asked for classes in dress etiquette and style. So to that end I have decided to publish a few 'Aid Memoires', pages torn from the Black Book that you can down load and keep to gaze at in those moments where you lack inspiration or when you think 'Mmmmm now what sort of a little treat do I deserve' You can now wip out your own little 'Black Book' of inspiration. 
So here are your first pages put together and modelled by some of the final semester gurls at my BlackLands Acadamy for the creation and training of young Nymphets ( I do think they have done a marvellous job and are turning out just delightful, don't you agree?).

Friday, 17 February 2012

Peter's Perils

A little bit of creative licence between Mr Black and Mr Von Gotha (Thanks Erich you are a gentleman and artist). Do let me know what you think gurls