Tuesday, 31 January 2012

1,000 Kisses for Mr Black

Well I am abashed and flattered by all the attention you all pay me. In particular one little gurl whose name I will keep secret but who's recent note of adoration I just wanted to share with all of you (I do hope she does not mind). Its sentiments warm my heart and bring a lump to my ...... well you will know what I mean after you have read it to. She will always be very dear and special to me - x

It is with nervous and quivering hands that I write this message to you, because I promised myself that I wouldn't write you anymore... But the truth is that I can't resist anymore!
 You have done something to me, you have changed something in me, because since I met you everything has been totally different for me and it scares me! Slowly after I met you, I got more and more addicted to you and more and more addicted to the thought of dropping down on my knees in front of you, pull out your cock, feel it against my lips, against my tongue, savouring its taste and smell, sucking it like the little pretty feminine gurl I always felt like. It scares me that I can’t stop thinking about you Mr Black, it scares me that I have vivid dreams where I suck your cock and where you bend me over my princess bed, grasp my hips and make me your gurl…It scares me that I can’t stop thinking about cock and men!
 I have never been like this, I have never felt like this and suddenly you changed me! I feel like a bimbo not being able to concentrate about anything, but how your cock would feel inside of me and how I get to look even more pretty and feminine just to get your attention and attention from men! It scares me what I have become Mr Black and it scares me even more that I can feel inside that I can never change back! I am hopelessly in love with men, with cock, with you! I only have one dream now and that dream is to please you, satisfy you and feel you sliding inside of me… I will make myself the sexiest, prettiest, most feminine gurl in the world for you and someday I know that I’ll feel your wonderful cock going between my red lips and down my throat, I know it’s gonna happen Mr Black.. I just know it.
I’m sorry Mr Black; I just couldn’t help myself anymore. I just had to tell you these things and I just had to send you one more picture showing my dedication and admiration for you.
1000 kisses
Your gurl forever

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