Monday, 19 December 2011

Why Mr Black did not go to TG!

Many of you are aware that Mr Black is a man of distinct taste and enjoys many of the benefits that come with running BlackLands Academy for Nymphets, one of those is his corner table at TG (Torture Garden) Normally Miss Jones would accompany me but she had a cold and so thought why not do a Henry Higgins and show off two of the brightest pupils, but obviously they were not quite ready. I understand the phrase is 'all kicked off' an awful din erupted about who would be the maid of honour, who would sit where etc. Matron had trouble reigning them in. Well needless to say I spent all night in a frightful bad mood disciplining them harshly. I do enjoy my TG, so if you are going or are there do say high and enjoy a gin with the normally good natured Mr Black.

Mandy planning to be the TG maid of honour

Cindy got the dress first

As they say 'it all kicked off'

Matron had to reign in the hi jinx
Cindy on remand now

"How dare you disturb Mr Blacks plans'

'Off to Mr Black's office NOW! he will not be pleased and I would not want to be your bottoms in the morning'

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