Saturday, 3 December 2011

Party Gurl 2

My sisters 21 birthday bash had been on  my mind for months, not the party so much but the opportunity it had planted in my imagination, to indulge my secret girlfriend's desire to escape the confines of our private fantasies and to prowl about in the undoubted drunken chaos that would predictably ensue later on in the evening

I had slipped away from the party at about 1.30 AM. A drunken hard core throng of my sisters friends was still dancing in the front room while a series of less hardened victims were collapsed in various darkened corners around the house.

My special gurlfriend and I had been sharing indulgent private sexual moments for a few years, but we had never ventured beyond the confines of my bedroom except when the house was completely empty. But now the house was not empty and as one person, 'she and I' stepped out of my bedroom and tip toed along the landing. Even though the music down stairs was thumping through the floor I could hear a couple making out in one of the bedrooms, my heart fluttered at the thought and as I peered down the stairs looking for the courage to venture further the bathroom door next to me opened and a young man staggered out his penis still in his hand as he struggled drunkenly with the belt on his trousers.

On the darkened landing our eyes met and he looked embarrassed and then he just grinned at slurred at me. "Hey babe I don't suppose you could help me with this" and at that moment the girl in the near by bedroom moaned "Yes, yes ... oooh". He laughed, I giggled and then he kissed me. God I thought I was going to faint, his tongue slipped into my mouth and the girl on the other side of the near by door moaned again while I just whimpered.

I felt his hand slid round my waist, he cupped my bottom and squeezed. Then I realized his penis was not only still out of his trousers but nudging my fingers. His tongue continued to invade my mouth and at the same time he traced the  cleft of my ass cheeks through my skirt with his fingers, I whimpered again and with a shaking hand closed my fingers around his stiffening shaft. The girl in the bedroom near us moaned again.

He started to grasp my little padded breasts through my silky blouse and the fear embarrassing discovery suddenly entered my head and I felt it best to distract him. I dropped to my knees and his hand slide behind my head and slowly pulled my face into his crouch. His penis slipped between my lips and the smooth head slide across my tongue and into the back of my throat, a not unpleasant salty taste seemed to trickle through my body and I felt a deep sense of desire to ... well ... worship it with my tongue. His cock grew harder and hotter in my mouth and his moaning started to echo that of the girl down the hall.

Suddenly he pulled me to my feet and pushed my face against the near by door and before I knew it my skirt was up and he drunkenly dropped to his knees, his hands were between my legs fumbling with the gusset of my knickers, his breathing was loud, and I felt his hot impassioned breath on my ass cheeks. Then suddenly and unceremoniously he yanked my pants to the side and his tongue slid between my cheeks searching for something and in his boozy haze pushed home into that private place where only my own curious fingers had explored in those frenzied private moments of delight. Involuntarily I moaned out loud as his tongue rimmed me pushing in and out wetting me until I thought this must be how a turned on pussy must feel, oozing, hot, full of desire and the need to be invaded.

He lurched to his feet and his hard penis was pushed between my cheeks and in his stupor inaccurately started to rub it around my cheeks. My sense of fear and wanton delight froze me as I waited for the moment I had dreamt about for so long, but he seemed to stagger and find trouble coordinating his own lust.

I dropped to my knees, my skirt round my waist and my knickers partly pulled down. He lurched to the floor and shuffled his body into mine. I could feel his dick nudging through my tangle of lacy gusset between my legs looking for something to invade and his hand swept round my waist and started to fumble under my skirt looking for something that I knew was not there. The fear of disclosure pushed me into action and as I lent forward my panties naturally slid down my ass revealing the full pertness of my ass and with my free hands I pulled my cheeks apart to reveal my still moist and dribbling tight little bois pussy.
I looked over my shoulder and I could see his glazed eyes looking down, a flicker of confusion gave way to a grin and the girl in the bedroom could be heard to moan 'Oh god yes please' and then I felt it. The head of his cock pushed between my cheeks and found its mark, it just sat there and slowly I pushed back. In my private gurly moments I had always pushed alien objects into this dark recess hidden out of my view and it had always pushed my games over the edge and I had come, yet know as his manhood slowly slipped into me I was overcome with a wanton sense of lustful fulfillment, I just did not want this to stop.
He started to slid into me and I was soon flat on the floor with his full body weight pounding into me with a an uncontrolled fervour and in the bedroom near by the bed started to squeak and echo and the girls now clearly audible moans and groans suggested her partner to was now searching boozily for an orgasm too.

He rolled me into him as he searched for a deeper angle and I clutched at my little hard clitty as it stood up in its secret lacy hiding place, I moaned and convulsed as an orgasm sheered through my body. I ground back onto his cock and I rubbed the now wet front of my panties and tried to maintain my composure, but my body just screamed in my head - fuck me.

I pushed him back and climbed on his lap, his cock slid back into me and I started to rise and fall on it moaning uncontrollable each time as it slid deeper and deeper into me. The girl in the room let out a long low howl which was joined by the guttural sounds of a man.
My mystery lovers eyes had glazed over and he started to grip my hips urging me faster and harder to bounce on his cock and then he gave out a similar gutteral moan and seemed to crumple.

He seemed to pass out and so I slipped of his still hard cock, its head glistened in the half light as his spunk dribbled down the shaft. Gingerly I bent forward and licked the head. Not so bad I thought and then the bedroom door near us opened .......

..... through the fringe of my wig I saw my sister emerge pulling down her dress and giggling.
'Hello what do we have here? I thought I heard some little virgin losing her cherry'
In an attempt to hide I dropped my head lower and his sticky shaft slid into my mouth. Beneath the fringe of my wig in the half light I could not hide but I hoped I could hide from recognition.

My sister laughed 'You go sister' and stepping over us, skipped off down the stairs.

I smiled as I thought to myself. 'True, closer to sister than brother at this moment' 

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