Monday, 19 December 2011

HEALTH WARNING Mr Black is infectiouse

Some say he has Mojo, some say it is his HooDooVooDoo, others say he plants subliminal messages in his postings, while others cast assertions on his methods. But we do know he is always a gentleman when it comes to the gurls and they appreciate this. The ever so pretty Christina has just dropped me a note that has made this whole year so worth while.
'Before I met you and your wonderful site, I was completely contempt with just looking like a beautiful girl and I never thought about what my purpose was or what my intentions were and you changed all that! Since I met you and since I started reading your blog, a growing desire inside of me to become a better girl has been unfolding and I find myself thinking more and more about pleasing men......I have never had these feelings before Mr Black, but now they are inside my head all the time! I want to learn to be the best girl I can be and I want to learn how to properly satisfy a man and I wish it could be you wonderful sexy Mr Black! I wish I could be your little party girl Mr Black!'
Am I corrupting or inspiring? I leave that for you to decide, but I will post a HEATH WARNING on the site suggesting that too much Mr Black could promote independent and infectious gurlie thoughts that could have a profound effect on your life!
Potentially Miss Christina and M r Black could be coming to a party near you soon.

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  1. OH yes Mr Black I want to serve You as your personal sissy fucktoy slut