Monday, 19 December 2011

Give me some training pleeeese Mr Black

Expressing ones creativity is always at the core of our schooling at BlackLands and I always encourage the gurls to explore their creative gurlie urges. To that end Mr Black has set all you home study gurls your run up to Christmas assignment. Entitled: 'Dreaming of a white Christmas' a two part project
1/ In no more than 500 - Mr Black is Santa and my Christmas letter to him begins 'Dreaming of a white Christmas' - Discuss
2/ Print out the attached on an A4 and colour in while reciting the mantra 'I must be the best gurl I can be'

Send both parts to as usual the A star students will be published here on the web site.

1 comment:

  1. This is just a beautiful drawing...there are actually no right words to describe the's simply so filled with the genuine feminine feelings of helpless waiting for being penetrated...a feel of receiving, whether agreed or not...just beautiful. I would like to be in such a position...which guess :-)