Monday, 21 November 2011

Who wants to be my playthings plaything?

You know Miss Tabitha Jones can be too much at times. Mr Black grooms, primes and schools her and still she can be so demanding at times. So time for you my gurls to provide a solution to her consternation. See below.
"'sir when will you send a girl to me to be my plaything online'‎ pouting and sulking" Tabby Jones (20 Nov 23:56):
So who wants to be my playthings plaything then?
Do leave your details here or drop me a line with why you would be a good toy for her -


  1. I do Sir, it would be such an honor!!!

  2. Ashley do drop me a line and I will give you the vetting details -a few simple questions and a picture so Miss Tabitha can go through the applicants and make her decision.

    That goes for all the gurls that would like to apply to be Miss Jones's toy. Do hurry up she is being so impatient.