Friday, 4 November 2011

Just a simple procedure

John had agreed to the insurance medical his wife had arranged just to keep her quite, all she did was moan about how he never contributed to the house keeping, why could he not get a job, why cann't he bring some money in.
The nurses were almost bossy in demanding he behave while they did 'Their Jobs' and if he was good the procedures would be over very quickly. Procedures?

Procedures indeed, he had never had procedures like this before and something as simple as taking his temperature seemed pretty invasive and apart from the odd wince, grunt and mellowing, vibrating sensation he thought it best to comply so he could get home quickly and in time for the afternoon match.

Surely there are easier ways of taking a urine sample he had started to protest, but the nurse just busied herself with her equipment and soon the warm tingling fluid was flowing into his body via this most unorthodox manner. 'I thought you were taking stuff out not pumping stuff in' he mumbled as the warm numbing sensation spread through him.

'Just a little something so alleviate the sensitivity while we get down to the real work. Now lie on the bed and stop making a fuss'

The next few minuets were a blur and he was not sure really how long he had laid there as the nurses inserted more throbbing probes, that seemed to swell and pump. He felt dizzy and putting it down to the anaesthetic passed out.

'Oh yes he is quite ready for you to pick up now Mrs Doe, a little groggy, but fully functioning and ready to start earning money for you as we discussed. Yes that's right he should be good for 20 clients a day at either end.'


  1. Bravo! Love the confused looking shemale at the end.

  2. Yes. Love it! Thanks. Make me happy with that procedure.

  3. sigh - loved it