Sunday, 6 November 2011

2,500 gurlie gurls a day

With 2,500 of you dropping by every day to say hi, there is no surprise that many of you gurlie gurls often ask me for private lessons. You must understand that I take great pride in my work and prefer to work one on one with you to get the very best results. Very rarely do I do group classes, I find it to exhausting. Flattered as I am that so many of you drop by each day for a little bit of me, but I am sure you all appreciate I cannot accept all these offers of apprenticeship, let alone the offers of marriage. 
           Still there is always a chance it could be you as Miss Jones will testify (and no Miss Jones is not a product of my imagination as some have suggested, she is a product of my creativity and her dedication. She is very charming, very delightful, very sexy and above all very real!). So do keep dropping me a line, sending me your pictures, sending me things you may have found, asking me out you never know it could be you next.
Yours the masterful gentleman Mr Hugo Black

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