Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Gurlie Adventures December Issue

'Ooooh! Mr Black it's as if you can see my darkest fantasies' 
Gosh these little pulp moments of 'Gurlie Adventures' seem to strike a chord with you all. 
'More, more, more' you whimper to me in your emails.

I Spy a Sissy

Even the most convincing gurl will be compelled toreveal their little secret to you .....

Monday, 28 November 2011

Mr Black is looking for Volunteers

I know you all think I sit around prodding and producing Nymphets through weeks of training, well now I hope to be able to do it in hours. But I need volunteers to step forward and commit to the fusion of science and art that is embodied in the Gurly Converter.
Are you prepared to go from lab rat to princess? from sissy to Nymphet? from neglected to adored?
Then do drop Mr Black a note. -

Xmas cards for Mr Black

Now gurls you know how I love it when you make an effort to make me feel good. Well it is time to muster up and produce that Xmas card for Mr Hugo Black. Prizes and points are awarded for creativity and personal prowess.
(Here are some from the recent years)
 From the lovely Tina Lloyd
 From the .... mmmm .... now that would bw telling.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

How Can Mr Black spoil your Christmas?

As Mr Black slides out of November and starts to slip into the every sexy December he is reminded of all the poor gurls out there and wonders what he could do to make them feel  ... well spoilt. What could he do to make you feel ever so special and indulged?
Do drop him a line and let him know how?

Now Talking Spring Applications

I think I'm turning Japanese

And why not?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mr Black recommends Fidelenrich

Now listen you gurls if you have never heard of Fidelenrich then you must seek them out. Not only a great artist but as far as I can tell a great story teller too.

Another little present for Mr Black

The very lovely Christina Hougaard has sent me another little dedication from her pink bedroom which I will share with you (I can never receive enough of them). It makes it all seem so worthwhile when this happens.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Who wants to be my playthings plaything?

You know Miss Tabitha Jones can be too much at times. Mr Black grooms, primes and schools her and still she can be so demanding at times. So time for you my gurls to provide a solution to her consternation. See below.
"'sir when will you send a girl to me to be my plaything online'‎ pouting and sulking" Tabby Jones (20 Nov 23:56):
So who wants to be my playthings plaything then?
Do leave your details here or drop me a line with why you would be a good toy for her -

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Certified By Mr Black

Sometimes a little nymphet comes along and here undeniable charm and style makes my jaded pallet start to tingle, I do like it when this starts to happen. It's just like Miss Jones all over again.
       So to that end I would like to introduce the rather anonymous but delightful Lucy99 who you can find on Flicker, here

Oh please pin me up

A sneak preview of Mr Blacks forthcoming Pin Up Calendar for you - get your orders in for the new year. (Do click on the images for the extra large versions for you to print out)

Being the best gurl you can be (121)

Darling now that we are alone ......

Being the best gurl you can be (17)

Being a gurl is not so bad .......