Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Time for the Petticoat - Slip 1

Oh you eager little gurls! So many of you have 'slipped' Mr Black a little dainty number or two! Petticoat pictures that is.

So here is a round up of some of your favorite images you have sent me that celebrate the humble but obviously popular petticoat.

But gurls do leave me more than pictures, give me words and I will immortalise you, tell me about your experiences wearing them, how does it make you feel, what is your favorite style, did you have a petticoat adventure? Drop Mr Black a line confessing the delights of that adventure and he will weave it into the blog.

Christine should get her own entry! She is Oh! so the queen of the frothy delight.

A few little retro numbers from Mr Black's own archives

Gurls Mr Black is never indiscreet so those secret petticoat fanciers who have contributed will stay as they say in the closet, but here are some more girls who are proud underskirt fanciers

And dressed like these cuties you would not look out of place draped across Mr Black's bed

Have you had a little indiscreet petticoat moment? Do drop Mr Black a line and confess it in all its crinolined glory and he will try and include it in the blog.

Remember play can become habit forming, the more you indulge your fantasies the more they will become real.