Friday, 24 June 2011

School Gurl Challenge

Selina thank you for pointing this out to me. Seems one of you gurls did rise to Mr Blacks School Gurl Challenge. OK it is a bit less traditional than Mr Black prefers but you have to admit an exceptional effort.

School Gurl 1

Monday, 6 June 2011

A little Erotica moment

Here is a little number featuring a friend of Miss Jones, which also features music by one of Mr Black's old flames. Oh just sit back drool and dribble envy into those satin knickers you are wearing.

Eugenia Diordiychuk, Erotica from Eugenia Diordiychuk on Vimeo.

Now charming as that was, here is the original moment, by that old flame of Mr Black's and can you spot your favorite old rogue Mr Black in one of his rare and brief moments of international recognition.

A bit more of Mr Black in those far of Halcyon days with that certain material girl.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Suck more Cock!

Miss Jones’s disitation on perfecting the art of sucking cock
She has been asking Mr Black how she could improve
her knowledge in this area, to which Mr Black replied
Just get down on you knees and study, study, study.

Lamenting the gymslip

The gurls often tell me about that first thrill of a cool breeze up their nylon clad legs and up under their hems, puffing out and lifting their skirts. Like naughty cold fingers searching out that hot little gusset and that pert little secret.

Does this little teasing moment ring any bells with you?

Caught in your sisters school uniform!

Talking of old school traditions (see Blog Below)

Here is a little ditty I have dug out of the library at BlackLands for you. I am sure it will strike a familiar chord with many of you Gurls - 'Caught in your sisters school uniform!'
Sound familiar Tabby?