Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Training, Training, Training

'Make me a gurl you would be proud of sir'

Oh my little pets there are no silver bullets, no trade secrets, just hard work and dedication to attain the standard we call the Black Nymphet (see the blog entry below this one).

But we do find poetic mantras help keep you focused on the long task ahead and to that end the team at BlackLands have preparred a few crib cards for you to print out and keep as an Aide-mémoire.

Thank you to our friends at Centurian Publishing for their dedication and years of support for the cause.


  1. oh Mr Black - this is SO lovely *blushes* and what a wonderful use of the marvelous Centurian art. This would make a perfect sissy screen-saver!

  2. These are simply brilliant and have brought me back to being the sissy and am now willing to adopt these mantras, so thank you Sir, sissy josie

  3. Practice like training ....makes perfect. I love it.

  4. oh to have a mentor that cared so much